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Suffered a stroke - trying touse Evernote with one hand - the Return key doesn't create a new line in a note.

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My sympathies! And my admiration for continuing to push ahead one-handed. What version of Evernote are you using? The Windows program, or the Web version, for instance? On either of those, I do find that the Return/Enter key works to create a new line. If you're using the Windows program, try exiting it completely (File > Exit, not the red X close box) and then restarting. Occasionally glitches show up in it that can be cleared in this way.

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Friend of mine in a previous life was a one-handed coder.  He could type faster than I could.  Best recommendation would be:  keep plugging away at stuff.  If you find you get stressed out or stuck,  come back here and tell us - we'll have your back and can point you to any keyboard and mouse options that may help.

Can't speak for the other gurus around here,  but if you type my name with an '@' sign in front - as in '@gazumped' it comes up @gazumped and I get an alert - you may not get an instant reply (time zones - I'm in the UK) but I'll respond as soon as I can.

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