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Drop-down feature missing?


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Has the scroll feature for tag drop-downs for Evernote Web Clipper changed recently? Previously, when I started typing in the first word of a desired tag, it would not only give me a list of tags fitting the word, it would also let me use the down key to scroll through those and hit enter to select it. Now, as of this morning, it gives those lists of tags but then I have to manually select that tag using the mouse. This is, suffice to say, much less user-friendly.

I didn't change any settings, so I assume that it is the result of some automatic update or something or other.

Any help, clues? 

Thank you.

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Hi.  This seems like a recent omission judging by:


I'll report these threads and ask if they can be merged,  and we'll see whether Evernote is prepared (or able) to comment on this.  Pending that I'd recommend that you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter  - The more feedback Evernote gets,  the more likely this is to get fixed/ put back at some point...


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