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Is it correct that you cannot annotate an individual note in EN for the web?  I know you can it do in EN for Windows.  I don't know about EN for Mac.

More generally, is there any "help page" that lists:

Which EN features are available only on EN for Windows but not on EN for the web?  


which EN features are available only on EN for the web but not on EN for Windows?

Knowing all the various platform feature differences would help me as I develop a "workflow" to process about thirty-thousand notes.

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5 hours ago, IncrediMetaBeta said:

annotate an individual note

?? If you mean annotate a picture or PDF file,  then both file types need to be downloaded to your local device from the web version,  where other apps and tools can be used to annotate the content.  Evernote doesn't have any tools to open and process those files online.  The installed desktop clients do have an annotation option.

Most of the Help and Learning pages that deal with specific processes include Mac,  Web and Windows client details,  but there are no pages that I'm aware of which directly compare features from all three.  In general,  the Web version is not as effective as the desktop installed options - and I can imagine that any comparison chart would be very hard to keep up to date as all three clients have different update schedules and what one gets today,  the others may get tomorrow - or next month. 

If you include every operational feature such as Import Folders (Windows yes,  Mac + Web no) I'd say this would be a very long chart.

It might be a more effective use of your time to develop a draft workflow (which will include a finite list of operations) and then test those against the devices on which you need to employ them.


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".. The installed desktop clients do have an annotation option. ..."

That has proved to be not true, and I'm deeply disappointed by that. Instructions say to "hover over the attached PDF and click the `a` button" . Well, the only options available when hovering are to move to next page or previous, or to open the PDF in another outside application, like Acrobat Reader. I'm quite angry at the lies the "features" page told me.

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Hi.  Well,  this is what the feature looks like on my desktop...


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