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Cannot disable keyboard shortcuts

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I have recently reinstalled Windows and all programs I use. I noticed Evernote has override a few desktop shortcuts I use, which is annoying, because I cannot even type an email address without interruption and need to set my keyboard to English. 

I tried to disable shortcuts in the Options menu, but cannot find that options. When I erase the shortcuts from Shortcuts Menu, they keep going back. 

I need to disable them in general, as I do not use these. 

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I see what you mean about the shortcuts coming right back. Very annoying. I do know that you can change the shortcut keys to something else using that dialog in Options. So the only thing I could suggest would be to change them to strange key combinations that don't conflict with ones that you use, and that you will never use for anything else. E.g., Ctrl+Shift+Alt+NumLock.

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