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Need to Improve handwriting experience



Handwriting on an iPad pro is a pleasure.  I would like to see Penultimate page template made available in Evernote too. At least for premium subscribers.

What Penultimate customers get for free.. Evernote paying customers should at least get to use it inside.

Problem with using Penultimate is that I am unable to edit notes that come into Evernote.  

There is not even an 'edit in Penultimate" button provided on those notes.  

I wonder if anyone heavy user of evernote finds Penultimate useful as an outside product.

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Funny silly that the flagship product Evernote has an inferior experience at the hand scripted notes in comparison their own free product Penultimate.

At least they should allow opening Penultimate notes from within Evernote

And Evernote subscription is not cheap anymore.. it is almost 80% of MS Office 365... and yet they keep the best user experience which is within their capability outside of main paid app.

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