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Another Bug: Cursor Leap from Deleting Horizontal Rules

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When pressing DELETE to delete a horizontal line, the cursor frequently jumps to the beginning of the note.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a new note.
  2. Make a bunch of horizontal lines.
  3. Place the cursor in the middle of the pack somewhere.
  4. Press the delete key a bunch of times to delete the horizontal lines.
  5. The cursor frequently leaps to the beginning of the note.

Wasn't the Common Editor supposed to get rid of these weird bugs? Why would they replace an old editor with a new one and keep the old bugs?

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Hi.  I followed your steps,  and agree that using DELETE to remove a horizontal line will occasionally jump the cursor to the top of the page.  Oddly using BACKSPACE doesn't.  If you spend lots of time deleting horzontal lines I can see this being a problem,  though backspace seems a reasonable work-around.  DELETE (AFAICS) doesn't cause a similar problem taking out single letters,  which I would have thought would be the normal use.

The 'common editor' means that someone (presumably several someones) rewrote the editor code so there's a common module for all OS's.  That doesn't mean it's bug-free - just that the same bug will apply to all clients in future.

IMHO a 'bug' is an essential operation that should work in one way but fails - sometimes catastrophically.  Everyone writing code makes decisions about the 'best' way to achieve an action - sometimes on grounds of aesthetics,  sometimes common practice,  or because the boss says so,  or because it's going home time and I want to put this code to bed now.  Lots of those are caught by QA and beta-testing.  The rest get worked through by perceptive users,  and resigned support teams.  Those,  I think,  are called 'quirks'.  ^_^

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