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Bad "auto-correct" on TAGS and Text



Hi.  I'm generally really happy with Evernote and have been using it for years.

A couple of issues, though, I'd like to mention.   First, I don't have the newest version, I have 5.5.2 for Mac.  Apologies if this has been addressed in recent updates.

ISSUE #1: Evernote "auto-replaces" a double dash, with a longer dash.  IE, this " -- " gets replaced with this " – "  This is not only annoying and totally unnecessary, but if you are archiving or backing up HTML CODE, all your "comments", which use <!-- or --> get totally screwed.   I would heartily suggest removing this directive.

ISSUE #2: when I type in TAGS to index a new note, the "auto-suggest" in the tag field always screws up my intent of capitalizing or lower-casing the spelling of my tags.  Which ends up with ODD-LOOKING tags that are half CAPS and half lower-case.  Why in the world - is auto suggest is REALLY necessary there (I mean, we're not THAT lazy are we?) ... why would it ignore my trying 2 or 3 time to over-rule it with my own intention, and still mess up the case of my tags?

anyway, that's it.  

These are not "big deals", but they're just petty grievances.

thanks for all you do!

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