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Typing and Text Editing on Mac is completely glitchy

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I just installed the latest Evernote update a few minutes ago on my Mac Powerbook. Ever since, the typing function is completely glitchy. If I'm typing a new sentence, everything is fine. It's when I have to edit the sentence that things go wrong. I click my mouse cursor somewhere in a word, and the editing does not happen at the point—it skips forward or backward a few letters, and completely throws off all the letters. 

Actually, I'm noticing that it's happening RIGHT NOW IN THIS TEXT BOX as I try to contribute to the feed. What the heck is up, Evernote? I just want to be able to backspace, type, and click accurately. 

Example: Let me attempt to demonstrate. The sentence below SHOULD say "Hello, I am trying to type in Evernote." I'm going to click behind the word "type" so theoretically, I should be editing it to say "Hello, I am trying to type a page in Evernote."

Hello, I am trying to type i a page n Evernote.  >> SEE HOW WEIRD THAT IS???? Imagine this happening ALL THE TIME. 

Is there a solution for this? 


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Sorry for the janky headline, but it would've been correct had the type editing function been working correctly. 


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Hi.  If you're having trouble typing in the Forum as well as Evernote,  then it's not necessarily an Evernote glitch you're experiencing.  If you haven't tried it already,  does restarting the device make any difference?  You may have something going on in the background (which could be Evernote syncing/ tidying databases) that a reboot will resolve.  If not, I'd suggest you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter.

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