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Margins in full-screen view



It would be really great if the full screen view had the same margins on left and right sides of the writing column that the web version has. That would make writing and editing a much more pleasing experience. I would prefer to use the Mac version, but the interface just isn't as good as the web version. If there were margins on the sides of the writing column, it would be easier to read from one line to the next (and would be more representative of how much writing would be on a page as well).

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I also really think it would be great to have this feature. Since it's not officially supported, I found a workaround for this:

  1. in the Application folder open the contents of Evernote.app
  2. locate to /Contents/Resources/common-editor-mac/ce.css and open in text editor
  3. add this line to body block
     max-width: 60em;

    ( You can change the value to whatever you want. I personally find 60em the most comfortable width )

  4. change "margin: 0;"  in the same body block into 

     margin: auto;


  5. save and restart Evernote.app
  6. After each upgrade, you may have to do this all over again
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