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Two or more reminders to the same note



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No - its not possible
You only get one reminder date per note

I've run into this situation and my solution was to reassign the date when the first reminder triggered

An alternative would be to have a master note, and sub-notes for each reminder
The notes could be linked using the "Copy Links" feature

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OK thanks DTLow.

I think it would be a good idea for a new feature.

Very useful to be able attach different date remainders to different parts of the same note.

Suppose for instace is a note describing a project.


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This would definitely be a benefit, so that it would be possible to use reminders as "Action Required" markings within notes.  Also useful to embed the reminder right into the note so that it ties and links to the item needing follow up.  Then a master list of all reminders that could be sorted/filtered by various criteria would make this a killer feature.

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