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App for Android not what I need

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As I am using my Evernote on two different ways, I like to configure the way my notes are showing for me. But as I really only want Evernote on my cellphone (android) show me just the part of the content I have, I can't get it to work for me. Here is how I keep it:

I have 3 notebooks:

1. GTD - the notebook I send every not to by default, and that I need to see what is needed to be taken care of.

2. Active - the notebook I keep notes that I have tagged, but still is in the process of a change. Here I have set dates for the follow-up.

3. Archive - the notebook where I send all my notes at the end of the day after finishing all the work with them.

On my cellphone, I only want to see the notes that are on my GTD-notebook, since that is where I need to take my action when out in the field. But every time I open the Evernote for android, I get all the notes lined up, sorted from the newest and then getting older. And this would also include notes I have worked with and sent to my archive perhaps earlier that morning. Now to scroll down many notes in order to find some note I have not worked on and need to take a look at now is not efficient.

So are there a possibility to make the App for Android not showing other notebooks than the one I need?

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Welcome to the forums, @Korsgat! Three suggestions:

  1. If the Evernote app is displaying "All Notes" at the top, tap on the menu button (3 lines at top left) and select Notebooks. That should give you a view with just your 3 notebooks, and you can select GTD.
  2. It is also possible, when you are viewing the GTD notebook, to tap the menu button (3 dots at top right) and select "Add to shortcuts." Then, on the menu where you can select between All Notes and Notebooks, you will also see GTD appear under Shortcuts, where you can tap and go to it instantly.
  3. When you are viewing the GTD notebook, you can tap the menu button (3 dots at top right) and select "Add to home screen." This will place a shortcut on your home screen that you can tap and immediately go to this notebook.
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