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Skitch crashes on 2FA login

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I'm unable to login to Evernote with Skitch running on IOS10. When I enter my username and password it is asking as expected for the extra security code from the Authenticator app or SMS, however Skitch is crashing when I try to enter the code. To get the authentication code I need to open first an external app, next I return to skitch to enter the code, however as soon I try to enter it in the box it crashes.

Is there a workaround without disabling 2FA?

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Just set up 2FA and I am now having this issue, as well. Not good because I need to demo this for a client in a few days and their office uses 2FA on pretty much all things.

If it helps, I am using an iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.3.2, and Skitch 3.4.1 (4529).


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Skitch has suddenly started crashing on startup and I can't get passed the "send crash issue". Then it
shuts down.

I also use Skitch all through every day and it's very important to me.
I have:
uninstalled Skitch->shut down and restarted MacBook Pro-> downloaded Skitch again -> reinstalled App
and it still crashes on opening. Gets to syncing with Evernote, doesn't finish, just crashes

Likewise I am a Premium user.


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