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Phishing scam?

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Hi there,

I can confirm this is a legitimate email. You can update the Evernote app from Help > Check for Updates, or from within the Mac App Store if you installed the app from there. Let me know if you have any questions about the email, or if there's anything else I can help with!

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18 hours ago, nick.gendler@gmail.com said:

I received an email purportedly from  team@email.evernote.com  asking me to download a new version of Evernote because there is a bug with the current one.  As an apology it is offering premium for a year.  I'm worried that this is a a scam and am reluctant to click the link for the upgrade.  Can you confirm if this is for real please?

I had the same, the problem seems to be that if you bought via iTunes you cannot use the activation code for the free year.  So left high and dry. Also how daft is it that they can identify that you might have lost files but cannot tell you how for find the files affected. So I guess I have to use the system and hope it is nothing importnat

Sign of a company in deep trouble 

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@jon.halestrap@mac.com- You can open a support ticket for assistance determining which, if any, notes in your account were affected by this bug. If you're subscribed to an Evernote subscription via iTunes and you received Evernote Points, you’ll need to cancel the auto-renewal on your subscription with iTunes and wait for the account to downgrade before you're able to upgrade using the points. Your points can be redeemed for Evernote Premium after your iTunes subscription has ended. You will continue to have access to all of your notes during this transition. Let me know if you have any questions.

@nick.gendler@gmail.com - If you've already updated the application you don't need to do anything further. If you'd like for our Customer Support Team to help identify if any of your notes were affected by this bug, please open a support ticket using the green link above.

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In the last few days, I received 5 email messages from Evernote (no-reply@evernote.com) with the subject, " Unable to deliver your emailed content". Text states:

You recently attempted to send an email message from your Evernote account.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient(s).

The email was returned to us as undeliverable and no further delivery attempts are possible.

Please verify the email address(es) you used. Some ideas:

  • Check for typos
  • Check for extra spaces

Details on the undeliverable email message:

Hi Luke Maurice Busby (name varies)

Buzby_jag@hotmail.co.uk  (recipient address varies)

 Thank you,

- The Evernote Team


Is this a legitimate error on the part of Evernote, or something I should definitely NOT follow up?



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I just had the same issue with my acct being hacked. I received at least a dozen emails from Evernote that my email was undeliverable. I forwarded all of them to security@evernote.com and all but 1 of them self destructed. Most of them were sending emails to UK and AU. When I went onto my accout the user name was Isabelle... not my acct name. 

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