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Evernote Batch - No Longer Working as of v6.3 (Windows Desktop Client)


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I had sent a support ticket to the developer at OneNoteGem when I figured out that none of the functions in the local app were working.

Here was James Linton's (the developer) response:


I’m sorry.

Just found out the Evernote 6.3 has blocked the local interface.

We cannot improve the “Evernote Batch” (local) to work with Evernote 6.3 anymore.

We have to develop the “Evernote Batch” (online) in the future.


I'm a little ticked too, as I just bought the app for $20; Now I realize that it doesn't work (he shouldn't be selling it if it doesn't work).

So yeah, just letting you guys know. Perhaps someone knows what exactly "happened" in 6.3 that led to the interface being blocked? Or if v6.2 isn't blocked? 


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