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Ctrl-z undo didn't work right with tables



I use EN to maintain documents with scores of little tables. When I need to undo something on one and press ctrl-z, it automatically puts me at the top of the document, and it usually takes 3 or more presses of ctrl-z to actually get it to undo the last edit.

I sure wish it wouldn't do that.  Very frustrating and unreliable.

Would love to see that fixed.



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I've already gone through the Evernote support ticket process with this. I got their standard response to bug reports:


Thanks for your patience. Both of the issues you've described are reproducible on our end. The good news is that the engineering team was aware of the issues and is already in the process of working on fixes. I do not have an estimate as to when the fixes will be available, but I will let you know if any new information becomes available.

i.e. "We know there's a bug and maybe we'll fix it one day or maybe it will last for 5+ years like so many other Evernote bugs."

I sure hope that an upcoming bug fix update shows my interpretation to be wrong!

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