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Bulleted lists are still dysfunctional



I mean this with the greatest degree of respect, but seriously, why can't Evernote make a bulleted list that works? I've had problems with this for years now. 

I intermittently give the iOS version of Evernote a chance with bulleted lists, of which I use many on the Mac. Every so often it seems like the editor has been fixed, but I again run into problems soon.

The old bug included pasting into a list and having the text and bullets disappear. 

The new problem is somehow generating multiple bullets per line (sometimes I get four duplicate bullets in the same row). Also pasting plain text into a list results in a non-removable double spacing. 

I often get double bullets in one line without pasting in new text as well. 

Check out this video. This is a simple string of text copied from iOS notes with no apparent special formatting to the best of my knowledge. I get identical behavior with copying from a plain text editor app so I don't think it's a rich text issue. 

I usually have to give up on editing the note and hope that the undo button gets me back to my initial note formatting. 

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Hi.  Very basic editing applies to all clients in all OS's,  and working towards improving it is a big project.  Recent announcements for the latest Evernote Mac 6.10 Beta included a comment which said..


  • Note editing has many under the hood changes that sets the groundwork for more future changes.


... which updated Mac to the same level (AFAIK) of 'common editor' as the other clients. It still needs development, but at least future improvements can be introduced in all editors so that changes in iOS that won't be lost if viewed on another device.

It's an ongoing project,  so more changes should be due.

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Thanks. That's good to hear. I mainly use the Mac version and have not experienced the issue with multiple tabs per line and inability to correctly paste into a bulleted list. I just can't believe how long this problem has existed without being fixed. 

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At some point, bullets just got stupid bad. Almost everything I do is bulletted, so I fight with this constantly. There are times where I can’t delete a block of bulletted items that I’ve selected. There are times when I want to delete a bulletted item, and the app cannot properly bring the lower item and the upper item together without fiddling with it, removing bullets, and rebuilding the order. It’s such a basic task that I could accomplish what I want with markdown and a text editor. I pay for this app because I haven’t been able to find a competitor that does all the things I need, but I’m just about at the point where hosing text files on Google Drive makes more sense. 

EDIT:  Attached a recording of the most frequent problem I encounter. In the recording, I hit [Return] the first time, and it results in a soft return without creating a new bulleted line item. I then hit [Delete] until the error is gone, and then I hit [Return] a second time. The expected creation of a new bulleted item then occurs. This effect is random -- sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. 





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I’m sticking with Evernote. However I have no confidence they will ever get bullets to function correctly after years of problems.

They just introduce new bugs every now and then to keep me on my toes.

The current bug includes hitting return and it generating a new line with a bullet (but no checkbox if present in the prior line). However this new line can’t be accessed and arrowing around skips over it. Also there is no way to type on it. You have to backwards delete it and try again. 

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