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Work Chat not syncing automatically

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Recently, I notice my Work Chat is not updating properly. To give an example of how bad it is, I have opened a new free account just to fire off test "pings" using work chat on Evenote Web). The Evvernote system as a whole seems to be working properly, since the Windows version usually shows the note almost immediately. But the Android one seems to never get the word until the timed or manual sync.

(And yes, I've already tried reinstalling Evernote Android. It isn't solving the problem with any consistency.)

Can anyone help?

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Judging by the tumbleweed around here this isn't some thing a lot of folks have noticed.  User forum here,  so the intricacies of Chat are a bit above our collective head.  Best suggestion is usually to contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter

Just a random thought - sync intervals are variable in Settings.  Does knocking that down to every 15 minutes help?  (Might have an effect on your battery life..)

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