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tags unlinked from evernote notes ?bug

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After doing a search on the forum this seems like a new issue/bug. I have notice today that all my evernote notes prior to mid-semptember are missing their associated tags. The tag labels exist (both on and off line)  in the tab window but have a zero number of notes associated with them prior to ~mid september.

 Checking notes that I know previously to be linked to tags does not show any updates or alternative versions of the notes (assuming evernote regards tag editing as a note update).

I use MAC OSX 10.11.06, Evernote V6.9.2 Premium. Also iPad and iPhone versions. Thanks again.

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Hi.  Unfortunately tag changes aren't considered updates,  so the lack of a change date isn't an indication of anything.  Have you checked tags by signing in on the browser-based version at Evernote.com?  If all your devices are showing the same changes I'd suggest you contact support if you can, or use Twitter if you can't. 

There's no way I'm aware of to either identify all the notes concerned or to bulk fix the issue.

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Thanks gazumped for looking into it. Yes the online browser-based version shows the same issues. It has occurred in only one of my notebooks. All devices show the same changes. Very odd and disheartening as I can't imagine a way to select all 5000 notes and delete the tags unless it is a sync bug. So far I hove not seen anyone report a similar issue. Yes I will contact support. Gratefully.

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