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support email is being bounced back

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I had a problem with sending a document to Evernote.  Evernote never received the documents.  I sent a request to support.   (see below) I received an email telling me to respond -  -Everytime I have responded back my email is bounced back to me.  

- Forwarded message ----------
From: <support-webform@evernote.com>
Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 6:01 PM
Subject: #1840978: email was sent to evernote but was not received on evernote
To: xxxxxxxxxx


##- A document was sent to Evernote from phone/ipad which is the way, but it did arrive in EN -##

This is an automated reply to let you know we're waiting to hear from you regarding your recent support request.

Could you reply to this email and give us a quick update? Let us know if you’re having trouble getting us the information we requested, or if you have already found a resolution to your issue and no longer need assistance.

Here’s what you submitted: 


Sep 27, 11:25 PDT

an email was sent to Evernote for filing, all documentation shows that it was sent correctly, but it is not on Evernote.


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Hey @beckystrahan,

I just grabbed your ticket and emailed you, let me know if you don't receive it, or if you receive the same automated reply when responding.

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What email should I respond to?  I have tried three times to the support email and it still bounces back - but it takes days for the email to tell me that it didn't succeed.  Is there another email I can use?  

The one receipt that was not received in Evernote - was sent on an ipad - all other notes are coming through.  I have looked on line to see if the document was there but it is not.  




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Hi @beckystrahan,

I've asked our team to look into why your emails are being bounced back, in the meantime I'm going to send you a direct message here on the forum to get some more information. Thanks for your patience throughout this process.

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I am having the same issues.  NONE of my notes are being received by any of my clients.  Most times I do not receive a email stating that did not receive the note.   Imagine how that is making me look.  I have had Evernote for a long time and have not had this issue before.  I suggested this app to my co workers and they to are having issues as well.  


I just talked to support and they started that they are seeing more of this and are escalating this issue.  How will will this take and how will we be notified when corrected.  

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