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locked note? why is it read only?

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I am just using basic but I shared the link to a note with a group of people. It doesn't have the "save to Evernote" button at the bottom of the note on mobile?

I'm newer to Evernote. For the past year I've only saved notes from a link my friend created. When I get the shared link and send it it doesn't have the same "save to Evernote" button his notes do? Mine just have a View on iphones. My android friends see a locked symbol???

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just because I have basic?



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Hi.  If you're saying that someone else is sharing notes to you,  and you're sharing them on to others,  you may not have permission to 'edit and invite'.  You may only have permissions to view or to edit.  If you create your own notes in your own account and share those on,  you'll be able to allocate those permissions.

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5 hours ago, Echoreflection said:

notes that I've clipped on Android using the share-picker.

Note content that is 'shared' to Evernote can include characters that can't be edited by Evernote's standard editor.  You could copy the content into another editor and copy it back from there (possibly into a new note) to strip out hidden characters...

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In Windows I can right-click the title (in the left window) and 'duplicate note' without trying to edit it - you could also try exporting a note to ENEX and re-importing it.. although I don't know whether that would remove a read-only block.

Edited for clarity

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On 3/29/2018 at 6:56 PM, gazumped said:

Hmmn.  Nice catch with the 'duplication',  though why not just duplicate into the same notebook and delete the original??? 


seemingly the problem is that the original can't be deleted precisely because it is locked....

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Here is what worked for me! Hopefully it works for you too. 🙂

Step 1. View the note on another device or through a different avenue. 
    Example: if you are experiencing the issue while in the app, open Evernote in the browser (just a heads up - apparently Evernote is not supported on Android browsers. So if you're an Android user, you may have to log on using another device like a laptop or another phone with the Evernote app downloaded). If you are experiencing the issue while in a browser, open Evernote in the app. I personally was using Evernote through the app on my phone when I experienced the issue, and then opened it in the browser on my laptop. 
Step 2. The note should be editable. Make a change to the note. Anything works -- all I did was add a period to the beginning of the note. Then save the changes and refresh. You can delete any changes you make later.
Step 3. Refresh your notes in the original device you were using. 
Step 4. There should now be two notes in the original device. One should be titled as normal, and the other should say "Note conflict" at the beginning of the note title. 
Step 5. The "Note conflict" version should contain your most recent changes to the note before the read-only or view-only issue happened. 
Step 6. Copy and paste any new changes from the "Note conflict" note to the other normally titled note.
Step 7. The "Note conflict" note can now be deleted, and the originally titled note can be used as normal. 

YAHWEH bless you!

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