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Superscript/Subscript Keyboard Shortcut for Windows users


Hello everybody.
I need to use Superscript and Subscript a lot,
and whilst there is a Mac shortcut for those 2 actions, 
we Windows users are left only with the use of the mouse/trackpad, which is very annoying.
Could your engineers solve this minor yet fastidious issue?
I promise I go premium if you do!

Thanks in advance.

Alex Martini

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Once you are in the subscript how do you get back to normal text - I cant find the keyboard shortcut.




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Just press right arrow and then press Ctrl+Shift+Down. The setting is just a toggle. The same goes for superscript (Ctrl+Shift+Up). 

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Hi there,

    In my version of evernote, I do not have the option for superscripts or subscripts. I have attached a screenshot of my Format>Style tab, and there is nothing there. Any help?


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