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Evernote Business for very small business ?

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I wonder if Evernote Business is recommended for a very small business.
I am independent and I do not teamwork. But I work in collaboration with my clients.
I currently have an Evernote PLUS account, and I just found the Business Edition.
In wanting to join it, I saw that we must select a team of 5 people.
As I am alone, I preferred to first speak to you as to whether it is worth I invest in Evernote Business.
I love Evernote, but I'm missing a few more professional features, like the ability to send messages directly from the notes. I do not find very inconvenient to have to display the Chat as in the Plus version.
I also need to be able to assign a task to either me or my client. And later perhaps to outsiders as a graphic designer or a web integrator.
Thank you in advance for your comment :D


PS : sorry for my english, I use a Google Translator ;-)

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i would recommend you upgrade to Premium, and only consider business when your company grows to more people. If it's just you in your company, premium is the way to go! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Jonathan Gaby


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Thank you Jonathan :-)

I research how to hold me when I have a client I have to work.

Unfortunately I can not find many tutorials in French.

I absolutely optimize Evernote for sharing with clients the progress of their project. I like to be well organized and I'm sure I'm missing full of tips for using Evernote for independents.

I have to share a notebook with my client to follow the progress of his project. It adds the tasks that I have to work and I check once they are completed. We use many chat to exchange.

I have to share a notebook with my client to follow the progress of his project.
It adds the tasks that I have to work and I check once they are completed.
But we lack a timetable for deadlines.
We use many chat to exchange.

If you have any tips to share, I take! ;-)


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If working alone or in a micro team, choose Premium.

Business has "Spaces", which are separated work areas, dedicated to a workflow and a group of employees. Spaces can be overlapping, and one employee can participate in a number of spaces, depending on his job and his "need-to-know". This means as well that a Business account needs an admin, who is setting things up. Each team member will get a personal Premium account as well, as part of the package. Business and personal account are kept separately. If a person leaves the organisation, he takes his Premium account with him, the Business account stays with the company.

This overhead is not needed just to collaborate with others. You can share notes and Notebooks with others using a standard account. Due to restrictions that apply for BASIC, I would always use a Premium account for professional personal use, like freelancers or small business owners.

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