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Can't Share Notebooks

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I, quite suddenly, seem to have lost the ability to share notebooks. Two days I could and did do it. Now I can't. I can share notes, but not notebooks.

I've tried several clients, windows, and web on Windows and Linux. I use it on my phone also, but usually just sign into the account from which I am trying to send the notebook. I'm also having trouble accessing shared notebooks from other people. Again, quite suddenly. I get the invite, and see the link to the notebook, but on the web nothing happens when I click the link. On the Windows client I get an error about permissions.

Any idea what is up?

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Hi.  Have you restarted the devices that are causing you problems?  Any of them showing sync issues?  Any chance you could create a new basic account and try sharing to/ from that?  No clue as to what might be causing the same problem from multiple devices.  If you can contact support I'd recommend it - or try twitter.

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I believe I have finally figured this out. I had, apparently, exceeded the number of (shared?) notebooks that one can have on an account. Or something along those lines. I have my students share folders with me, so I had a lot of shared folders. In an attempt to simplify my view, I deleted a number of old shares from previous quarters. After that things started working again. I'm not quite so engaged with this issue that I want to simulate sharing too many notebooks in order to test my theory, but at least for now my problem appears to be resolved and I have at least a reasonable hypothesis as to what was wrong. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question.

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