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7 minutes ago, New2evernote-sd said:

Can anyone please explain why my notebooks keep switching to "read only".

And how can I keep this from happening?

Can you provide more detail on this
"Read Only" has been a long outstanding feature request

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I have created several Notebooks for my business which I want to be able to share with some of my associates. I edit and create notes then all of a sudden

Then all of a sudden a lock appears on the right side of the note book. it says "this note is read only"

I did not change the setting of the note or the notebook so i am not sure how it changed.


btw this only happens in my business notes not personal.


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14 minutes ago, New2evernote-sd said:

I do have the notes synced to my Iphone and they are not "read only" on my phone.

I just edited it on my phone and it is appearing on my laptop. but i cannot edit the notes on my laptop.

I'm not a Business user so I'm of limited help.

One suggestion, reboot your laptop.

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