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how to change the acoount email

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how to change the acoount email?


I dont remmeber what was the password and also I just find out that my Email was wrong in the account info so if I ask for password reset it will send it to wrong email.

also I have made a new account and I cant make the two of them connected...

Thank you

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Hey @a.p,

In order to better assist you, please verify your ownership of this Evernote Service account:

  • Have you ever used this Evernote Service account on a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device?
  • If so, do you have the Evernote application installed and if on your iOS or Android, are you currently logged in and can you synchronize new notes?
  • If you have installed Evernote on a computer desktop or device, did you access your account from the Evernote application or from the website at www.evernote.com?


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Yes my main use was until yesterday android Samsung tablet

yes as I can see on the corner after sync the date and time change

I can acces only the new account with the good mail from the pc app or the website

I don't remember the password to the acoount with the wrong mail so I cant use this acoount in the pc or website....

I do login with my android but I'm afraid that if I signout I wont be able to signin again ( its the account that I forgot the password and with wrong mail )

I did all this so I can sync the android with my pc.

If I can login to my old account and change my mail address it will be much better
If not also an option to connect the two accounts and then sync the new and delete the old without lose any of my data will also be good option

Thank you


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