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Use Aha for product feedback and roadmapping

Al Sargent


I'm sure this won't get many upvotes, but it'd be great if Evernote used Aha to collect product feedback, and have it flow directly into your product roadmap. We use Aha at my company, and it's really slick how it

  1. collect user-generated feature requests -- while minimizing repetition by suggesting similarly-worded requests;
  2. lets other users vote on them;
  3. flow those ideas directly into the product roadmap as raw feature candidates that product managers can then evaluate and possibly flesh out.

To be clear, I don't work for Aha, nor am I their primary point of contact at our company. I'm just a happy user of their product, and Evernote, and would to see both come together to make Evernote even better.

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