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Searching a huge PDF

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I am curious whether there is an arcane way to set Evernote to search a large PDF file? I read somewhere that while Evernote will search the file it and note matches it will not automatically preview the file displaying where the keywords are found automatically.



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I think this is how the pdf search feature is supposed to work.
A bug has been reported, but if/when it gets fixed, search entries are displayed.
Note: PDF search is a paid feature; there is a 100 page limit

edit: as per @gazumped, the 100 page limit is on the Evernote OCR process

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Great! I am using the Premium but I think there is a still a limit when it comes to the maximum file size that can be searched and displayed. 

Also, DTLow since you say there is a bug, and I agree, is it possible to uninstall an update, especially the latest update? Another idea, could be to install another Evernote, possibly backdated, but I don't think that is possible. 


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I have an Evernote Windows Premium account and a Basic account. 

1st test:

In my Basic account is a large PDF file. It is a PDF magazine that has 120 pages. The file size is 22.6 MB.

I successfully searched for a term ("limousine liberals") that was back on page 117. The term was highlighted in yellow.

2nd test:

In my Premium account - Done on my largest PDF file - 254 pages (25.6 MB)

Search was successful again

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