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8 hours ago, WoNit said:

a "Smart Notebook" would be a Notebook you can use as you can use an ordinary NB - as the are standard to EN; but it collects notes matching certain criteria. iTunes or Fotos do the like.

You might look at using saved searches.
For permanent assignments
- Evernote has some auto filing settings, and there is an external service Filterize
- Since we're using Macs, we could also use Applescript to accomplish this.

Personally, I'm leery about doing this automatically - I'm concerned notes will get misfiled
I prefer to do my own assignment.

btw - Is your request specific to smart notebooks - wouldn't smart tags work better

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55 minutes ago, WoNit said:

...would be a better idea, than the "saved searches" mechanism!

Do you want to add some details for the "Smart Notebooks" request

I'm guessing it's a Notebook reassignment based on some identifiers in the Note Title or content

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