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Evernote seems to be overwriting my notes?

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Hi, I've been desperately trawling google and haven't seen anyone else having this problem, some insight into what I'm doing wrong would be great! 

So I have a notebook with a series of notes in order, and when I am editing one, every now and then it will suddenly jump so I am abruptly viewing the first one in the list no matter which one I am editing. This was annoying in itself but today I noticed that the first note in the list has since been overwritten to have the same content as the note I was editing yesterday. And it is only half filled, as if it were overwritten with the content that was on the other note at the point in time at which I was editing it. 

How do I stop Evernote doing this? It's ruined a note I worked very hard on, and I don't think I can recover the lost work.

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Hi.  That's not normal behaviour.  If you're editing a note it should remain open on screen while you're typing - though sometimes a background sync will cause things to jump a bit..  Are you using Evernote Desktop or Web?  The web client is flakier than desktop (depending on network and wifi connections) and you may find desktop more stable since it saves locally too...  As to your lost work,  Note History may help you - a premium feature,  but you only have to upgrade for a month...

How to access and use note history

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