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Annotate PDF with regular pdf reader

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Hi All

Platform: MacOS Sierra

Does anyone know how to annotate pdf attached to the Evernote without using the Evernote annotation tool? I have an Evernote Premium account, but I do not like the annotation tool provided by the Evernote (since I still cannot figure out the way to select sentences and highlight it).

Before updating, I can use an external pdf reader to edit an attached pdf and save it back to overwrite the original one. However, in the current version, I cannot do that. It told me that it cannot modify the original copy and creates a copy for that. In windows platform, I can find the folder holding the file, and replace the attached file. However, I cannot find it in MacOS. 

Do somebody know how to achieve this?


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I am facing the same exact problem. I used to launch an external PDF editor from within Evernote, and then just do "Save" after I'm done. Now I have to "Save As" the document and this breaks my workflow. 

Unlike Preview on MacOS, you can't display two pages next to each other in the Evernote annotation tool and it doesn't seem that you can select sentences and highlight them.

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