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Help - missing bits of content from notes?

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Hi all. I'm currently a plus user who has the EN program on my laptop PC, and I noticed recently in several of my notes that despite syncing with the internet, text and images that I had entered into notes were not there several days later. Is... this a known bug with a fix I can apply? I'm not sure what's going on, because sometimes there's a gap and sometimes with the images there's just that little icon that's an image placeholder left. I'm concerned with older notes that there's stuff missing and I just don't know it because I haven't looked at it yet to check..... I'm curious how common this problem is and what others have done about it... thanks!

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Hi.  It's not (and shouldn't be) a problem,  but it sounds as though you may have a sync issue.  You would be able to use Note History to recover 'lost' content (provided it was at some stage synced correctly to the server copy of your database) - though you would have to upgrade to premium for a month.

I'd suggest -

  1. Check the EN web version of these notes by signing in to Evernote.com via your browser.
  2. Look into possible sync issues - How to troubleshoot syncing issues
  3. Check out the possibilities here - How to access and use note history
  4. See whether there's any common thread to the notes with missing information - were they web clips?  Added from the web client?  From a tablet?
  5. If in doubt contact support
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