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How to switch Google Drive accounts?

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How do you switch Google Drive accounts?  When I click on the Google Drive icon, it shows files from my personal Google Drive.  Sometimes I would like to access files from my work Google Drive account.

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Hi.  I also have more than one Google Drive account.  Sadly,  AFAICS,  there's no easy way to switch.  The Google account needs authorisation to connect to your Evernote account,  but I don't know whether Evernote can recognise multiple accounts.  I'm sure they intend to develop the connection and improve the features on offer,  but for the moment it might be easier to add a 'work' folder to your personal account and share it with your work identity.

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9 hours ago, thefly77 said:


no news about possibility to switch from 2 or more google account? I think that would be a great implementation.





The question was only raised recently - Evernote rarely comment about what we can expect in future updates anyway...

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21 minutes ago, Mapop said:

I too would love to connect my work account as well as my personal account.

Hi.  See the post above yours.  Check into Connected Services and disconnect one Google account to connect with another.  More options may be coming...

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On 5/31/2020 at 8:37 PM, Sean Hannon said:

Leaning into Google Drive more, and running into this problem in 2020.

Syncing multiple accounts would be a great feature.


Best raise this in a votable Feature Request Forum to see whether enough users have the same problem for Evernote to consider investigating further.  Meantime there should be no problem in saving links to GDrive files from any account into a note,  and as long as you're signed into the account or gave the link a view-and-edit level access,  you can process changes.

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3 hours ago, maggesi said:

I also would like to integrate Evernote with two google drive accounts.

Hi.  Integration is not possible with two accounts.  No bar to your using direct links to files stored in either one,  but only one can (currently) be integrated.

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3 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Integration is not possible with two accounts.  No bar to your using direct links to files stored in either one,  but only one can (currently) be integrated.


I understand that it is not currently possible.

I hope it will implemented at some point.

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While you can't have more than one Google Drive account tied to an account at a time on a normal premium account, you can get around that if you have a business account (which I know isn't feasible for a lot of people).

I have my premium account tied to my personal Google Drive account and my business account is tied to my business Google Drive account. If you have business that would be your work around. If you don't, make sure to upvote any posts that request more than one tied to a personal account or the ability to switch. The only way for EN to know a feature is wanted is if we vote it up. Employees do monitor the forums and do take notice of things like that.

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