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Hi guys!

Yesterday I bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet to try to take notes by hand.

But... Evernote for mac can't create a Inknote, why?

I don't have the Inknote button on the top of my client...

It's a bug of my client installation or in the mac version of evernote there isn't that feature?

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The Mac client doesn't include native "ink" note creation, although use your own preferred drawing application (e.g. Skitch) and then drag the images from that into Evernote. Bitmap images of handwriting created in an application like Skitch will be processed by our servers so that you can search for text within that handwriting.


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I just upgraded to premuim, having watched the video "How to use the Wacom Tablet with...". The narrative says it works with Windows and Mac, which l assumed was a premium product as it wasn't in the free version.

Are you saying that l cannot use the facility as detailed on the video, because its not mac compatable?


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