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Allow user to open a note's location in a navigation app (such as Google or Apple maps)



I use Evernote to scout photography locations.  It's incredibly helpful, but there is a serious limitation to "Places" and mapping data in Evernote, you cannot navigate to a point of interest.

Evernote does not have navigation tools (such as offline maps and turn by turn directions).  That would be no problem with a simple fix:  This could easily be overcome if the map pin would allow the user to "open in" a mapping app such as Google Maps.  Even just displaying/copying the latitude and longitude would be a significant improvement (which could be used with apps like GPS Tracks to find your way).

Attached is a screen shot showing the limitation of Evernote, and one possible solution that should be easy to implement.  Please add support for this, it is a critical feature to use geolocation data in notes.

Please add map export to Evernote.jpg

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