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Bug: Moving Cursor Takes Two Clicks after Checking a Checkbox

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Bug: After checking a checkbox, it takes two clicks to move a cursor.

Steps to reproduce, at least IME:

  1. Create a new note.
  2. Write a bunch of text.
  3. Add a checkbox.
  4. Check the checkbox. Note where your cursor is and how it doesn't move when the box gets checked. This is all fine.
  5. Use the mouse to click in another area of the text. The cursor won't move.
  6. Click a second time in that area of the text. This time the cursor will move.

I'm assuming this is a bug since I can't think of any other reason the cursor wouldn't move after one click.


P.S. I reported all this in a support ticket 1774871, but that was in the context of Evernote's table bugs. The employee seemed not to want to talk about that bug as perhaps there were too many discussed in that ticket. This thread, though, has nothing to do with tables as I just discovered this problem exists independent of them.

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