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No Notice after Smartphone Change

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Hi Guys,

I get my new Phone e few Days before and install Evernote on my New Phone, I think i didnt take the sign In Button and type my E-Mail adress which I use since 2014 (i found the registration E-Mail) an type a Password which I think it is the right and create a new Account i think. Now all my Notices are gone.....


How can I get my Notices back ? There are many important Notices for me.


Please Help me. Thanks


Greets from Germany,



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Hello, Dirk, and welcome to the forums! I suspect that the problem occurred when you created a new account. A new account is by definition empty until notes are created within it. Your previous notes are in the account that uses your original email address and password. If you sign in using those credentials, all your notes should be there. If you cannot remember those credentials, you may need to contact customer support.

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Hello @Dirk Constapel,

I believe @Dave-in-Decatur is correct on this that it could be that you created a second Evernote account. I would encourage you to try logging out of the current account and log in using an email address or username you would have previously used.

To log out, please perform the following:

  1.  Open the Evernote application for Android.
  2.  Swipe from the left side of the screen to the right to reveal the side menu.
  3.  Tap on your name/email address at the top and then choose "Sign Out" at the bottom of the page.
  4.  Once signed out, please log back in and allow the Evernote application to sync.
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