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Weird cursor behaviour when ctrl-left on check-point lists

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When I press ctrl-left when the cursor is at the end of the first word in a checkbox item list, instead of proper behaviour of having the cursor jump to the start of that word, it jumps to the start of the last word on the previous checkbox item.

Don't know if this is a known bug.

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In my experience, pressing CTRL+LEFT in check boxes makes the cursor jump to the very beginning of the note. Weird and annoying.

Given that we are rapidly approaching the 3-year anniversary of Jason Kincaid's mentioning of cursor-leaping bugs like this, I think we can call this an Everbug. [Note: The bug is likely older than Kincaid's post, i.e. more than 3 years old.]

It has never been a high enough priority for the team to fix and I predict that it never will be because the team appears to prefer adding features over fixing bugs. Since Kincaid's post, WorkChat, color tagging, Presentation Mode, UI redesigns, etc have, IMHO, bloated Evernote quite badly. Meanwhile, the cursors keep jumping around randomly. Many other Everbugs endure.

Edit: I thought the Common Editor would sweep away a lot of these bugs, but I was wrong, at least in time frame.

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