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EN slow and "not responding" since last update?

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My EN is freezing when I quickly move from one Notebook to another.

A problem that I have never had before and that has coincidentally started right after the the most recent update.

Anyone experiencing anything similar and/or have any advice/solutions?

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Updates are -usually- a Good Thing;  a window into the latest developments,  various bug fixes and (maybe) improved designs for this and that.  The only problem is that by 'updating' an existing product rather than a fresh install you may have kept several files that are holdovers from the previous version and not really relevant to the new one.  This can mean that with each update you acquire more legacy files which could eventually cause some sort of problem.  That may require an uninstall and a reinstall of the original package.

There's also another possible quirk.  Whether or not a restart is suggested as part of the download process,  switching the system off and on again will reset software to its correct defaults,  miraculously curing some minor glitches.

So.  If things go wrong after an update:

  • Switch everything off / count 10 / switch it all back on.  If that doesn't resolve the issue..
  • Uninstall and reinstall the software,  and try again.


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Having a similar problem after Uncle Bill sent out the last update for Windows 10.  My CPU activity goes through the roof for 3-4 mins and then finally settles down and retrieves the note I clicked on.  Uninstalled/reinstalled, then reinstalled to a different drive.  Cannot figure out for the life of me what it's doing, but this is a problem.

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