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Bring the Atlas feature back

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This is vital for how I use Evernote for work. If it is not brought back, my colleagues and I will have to cancel our subscriptions and find another service. Preferably one that does not just remove features of a paid service with no explanation.  

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....and I don't think that we will ever know

It comes to great surprise that EN has cut-off such a feature from the windows PC version app with no reason, without explaining, and still keeping it in the iPad.

It just does not make sense and their silence over this, frustrates me. This forum is supposed to open conversations. Apparently at EN when they cannot provide a reasonable explanation they prefer not to speak


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One last thing on this: Atlas was a tool particularly working for those who spend their life in the field. For me, more than 1/3 of my searches were done with Atlas, as it was lot easier to search the notes I took on a particular customer that I very well remembered where is

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