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Allow me to add text at the end of a note

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Quite often, especially when i create a bookmark in Evernote, i would like to also, at the end, paste in some additions to it.

Unfortunatelly i cannot get a full new frame at the bottom without creating a new note first and then merge the old note with this new note.

Then i also have to manually remove the titles of the two notes that are automatically created by Evernote.

I want to be able to add a full width text (from clipboard for example) to the end of a previous note.                                      

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You do not mention which OS you are using.

The newest Windows version 6.3.3 public offers some new merge options

  • Merge note with no separator
  • Merge notes with rule separator (my favorite)
  • Merge notes with header separator

Click lower left (show advanced options)
Scroll to Note merge options

I store my bookmarks in the URL field inside Evernote's Note Info pop-up window. So I don't encounter the problem you are mentioning.


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