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outlook cannot be opened after update of evernote

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Hi.  I've not seen Evernote prevent Outlook from opening.  Try restarting your system first,  but if that fails and the update was the only recent change you made to your system you could try uninstalling Evernote to see if that restores Outlook.  If that is successful,  try reinstalling Evernote again with your other apps (including Outlook) all closed down.

Depending on which version of Outlook you have,  you should have options to repair that installation if necessary.

How to uninstall and reinstall Evernote

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1 hour ago, Igor.zc said:


I updated today Evernote.

Now I cannot open Outlook.

How can I run Outlook without Evernote addon?

thank you,



Open Outlook in safe mode first. This will open Outlook with no addins and it should open just fine. Then close it, then open normally. Most times that fixes it. If not, open again in Safe Mode and disable the Evernote addin in Settings. Close and open normally. You can then try to add the addin back, close and open. 

FWIW, it is working fine here. Hoping the safe mode does the trick.

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