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Add-in for Outlook on MacBook has become unavailable


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I have been using without a hitch the Evernote add-in for Macs running Outlook 2016 as part of the MS 365 office suite. Following an installation of an outlook update (to version 15.26.1 (160916)) the Evernote add-in is no longer available.  I have tried (a) deselecting then reselecting the Evernote add-in on the 365 website (b) disabling all other add-ins available via the 365 website (c )deleting the Evernote app on the MacBook Pro then installing the latest version of Evernote for Macs downloaded from the website. None of these have worked. Any ideas welcomed.

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I recently downloaded and installed on my Mac the latest version of Outlook for Mac 16.18. Unfortunately, there are only limited add-ins which none are for Evernote. I use IMAP but many of the add-ins from the store work perfectly. One in particular, that seems to work great is the Asana add-in. Why there's an add-in for Asana and not Evernote is beyond me. In my mind, the Evernote add-in would work similar to the Asana add-in, so there really shouldn't be a reason that it isn't already in the Office Store except that Evernote has not prioritized this feature. Well, I think it's time to get this add-in in the store. It is available in the online version of Outlook and the Windows version of Outlook, just not the Mac version. Please let's make this a reality. 

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