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Feature Request- PDF Annotation "Save" function rather than "Save and Exit"

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I've just recently started revising my workflow to utilize more of the functionality of Evernote when I noticed there is not a "Save" function for pdf annotation. There is a "Save and Exit",  but this requires exiting the annotation completely. Having a "Save" function that pushes an updated annotated version of the PDF to the main desktop client would be incredibly helpful, allowing me to save as I go without fear of my workstation crashing and losing a portion my current annotation (suffice to say, this just happened to me). I do understand that there is an automatic save function, whether that's at a time interval or when changes are flagged I don't know, but I would just prefer the ability to save manually if I notice signs of a potential system crash. 

Thanks for such a wonderful product!


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Hi.  If you have an annotation-capable external editor you could save the attachment and then work on the separate file (you'd have to replace the attachment with the newly edited file),  or open the file (in the editor) from the note and save it back there directly.  Meantime I agree,  a 'save' option for ongoing changes would be nice...

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