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Copy-paste into Evernote not working as expected

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I have EN 5.9.1 with Win 7 Home Premium.

I normally use Shift+Ctrl+V to paste into EN with standard formatting. This has been working fine for years.

Yesterday, I upgraded to latest version of EN, in order to get the automatic "Create new note in new window".

Immediately, Shift+Ctrl+V either (a) failed to work, or (b) took several seconds for the paste to be displayed.

I immediately downgraded back to 5.9.1, because I have some urgent stuff to do. The copy-paste still does not behave correctly.

Copy-paste works fine between any other pair of applications that I use, eg  Notepad++, Thunderbird, Word, etc.

Please advise.

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1 hour ago, jefito said:

Ctrl+Shift+V still works with the new releases. I use it all the time.

That's great news. I use it all the time too.

I did a System Restore to just before I upgraded to EN 6.2.4. Now all is OK.

I think I'll wait till the next EN upgrade, and try again.

I'm annoyed with myself, because I have no install file between 5.9.1 and 6.2.4. I normally refuse the automatic upgrades, because I (and other people on this forum) used to have problems with upgrades. A manual download and install means that there's always a previous file to to roll back to, and then wait for the next release.

My bad  :-(

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I'm on the beta track, so I install pretty frequently, relatively speaking, on a couple of different machines (one's WIn 10, the other's Win Server 2008). Haven't seen any misfires in a long time, though I know that they do happen to some folks. Installer stuff gives me the creeps (I say that as someone who writes software for a living and has been largely successful at keeping out of the installer part of the business). Hope that the next update works for you.

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