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Evernote no longer giving me conflicting modifications and just deletes content

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Well since this new push to drive people into Evernote Premium I seem to no longer ever get any kind of conflicting modifications. Instead they just seem to delete things from my note, even though the header may say modified on X date that information is just gone and also deleted from my device so it is no longer available anywhere.

The help section is no help at all because it just tells you to look at Note History which is of course a Premium Feature. A feature I would never have needed if Evernote hadn't stopped giving me conflicting modification messages allowing me to clear the conflicts myself.

So my impression is that this is another conscious decision by Evernote to punish and mistreat existing free users and try to force them into becoming Premium subscribers. I would have switched to One Note if I knew they would pull stunts like this. Shameful behavior.

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Hi.  From what you say it seems like conflicts are more or less a way of life with you - which is nature's way of telling you something is very wrong. 

If you have two devices A and B,  changes to notes on A have to go via Z on the server before they get to B,  and vice-versa.  The standard advice on avoiding conflicts is to sync manually before,  during and after you're working on one machine,  and to do the same when you move to another.  By default Evernote is set to sync automatically every so often,  but it's easy to change that setting and lose the protection of a regular sync.  Don't - obviously - switch to and from one device to another while you're editing a note.

Sync errors can lose data - if an old,  shorter note saves over the top of an in-progress change on another device.  Evernote however doesn't amend or delete notes independently.  The fall-back to lost data is to

  • use the premium Note History,  or
  • copy a note content into Notepad or something similar to edit,  then copy paste back to sync.  Check via Evernote.com that the sync has been successful;  or
  • use Evernote Web directly for editing

Of course if you feel strongly about this,  OneNote is still an option - if you're a basic user you have no payment ties to Evernote. 

It would seem impractical for any company to mistreat users in the hopes of pushing them towards a paid deal,  given that they also have an easy out should that treatment get too extreme.

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13 hours ago, EvernoteIsGetiingWORSE said:

The help section is no help at all because it just tells you to look at Note History which is of course a Premium Feature.

I implemented Note History on my My Mac using Applescript; basically I export changed notes on a scheduled basis

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