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Tags inconsistency in search with Clipper



When I search for tags named like 'Ex1 Test2' (that is, 2 words separated by a space character) in the Web Clipper, I can get it to show up even if I type 'Test' alone or even 'Ex Test' or any other combinations like 'E Te' - you get the idea.

However, when I search to add tags in the Mac Desktop client, I am unable to get the tag to show up unless I type 'Ex1 '. In other words, I have to type out some or all of the characters of the 1st word in order to get it to show the tag. Typing 'Test' and other combinations of the 2nd word will not show up.

This is similar to what another user had pointed out in the Android Beta community.

What's the use case? If I use nested tags with similar starting characters (like a prefix) for all the tags in a particular tag group, this would be a problem as I would have to type out the entire 1st word to get the tags to show up. Let me give you an example:

Say I have a tag called 'Interests'. Under this tag say I name other tags like this (just giving an example, could type it in more efficient manner but just to give an example):


  • Interests - Sport
  • Interests - Writing

To get the tag 'Interests - Sport', I would have to type out 'Interests - ' in order to get all the tags with this prefix to show up. In the clipper, if I simply type 'Sport', it would show up. I hope you get the idea.

Shouldn't such tag searching be consistent like that of the Web Clipper?

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Hi.  I'm impressed that you get any hits at all when searching for the second part of the word.  Evernote search normally doesn't find anything but the starting characters of a word.  2nd and subsequent characters or strings aren't recognised.  If you search for "Ex1..." can you consistently find the tags you need?  Likewise if you search for "interests.."?

It may help if you avoid spaces and compress the first word a little.  Ex1_ is fine for a prefix,  but maybe "interests" could be INT_ ?  If one particular scheme operates consistently across both OS's,  it's worth applying it generally.

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