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 With my new Nexus 6P android phone it seems impossible to add a checklist to a note.  The instructions say to swipe up from the bar above the keyboard, but this does not bring up the formatting bar.  Am I doing something wrong, or is this a new bug now that Evernote has gone to the aggressive upgrade mode?

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Hi.  Do you have a cap A on the top menu bar on screen?  Try tapping that to switch on the lower formatting bar,  which includes a checklist box.  I'm not aware of any switch to an "aggressive upgrade mode" - what exactly does that mean anyway?

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2 hours ago, Cougarhead said:

I have the same issue. Nowhere to create a checklist. No list icon to get to what you're talking about. 

You should see a checkbox in the dark gray note editing toolbar at the bottom of the note (above the on-screen keyboard, if that's enabled). It's just to the right if the underline icon.

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