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Using links without going through the Evernote web site?

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2 hours ago, Side FX said:

I was wondering if it was possible to use the note links, so when you click them instead of opening the website and then having it redirect back to Evernote for Windows it just directly opens Evernote bypassing the web?

I do that all the time

There are three types of link

  • Classic - Opens in the app; evernote:///view/.....
  • Private - Opens in the broser
  • Public - Opens in the browser and is available for public access
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24 minutes ago, Side FX said:

Is there a way to generate this kind of link in Evernote? 

What platform do you use?Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.01.21 PM copy.png

On my Mac, I right click on the note and select Copy Note Link from the menu
(I hold down the option key to force the Classic Link)

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