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Evernote is not Syncing

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Hi Evernote Team,

Looks like my Evernote is not Syncing, currently I have 3 devices my work laptop (windows 7) my home pc (windows 10) and my android phone, and I'm having troubles with my work laptop, currently this is the log trouble.

10:35:45 [8792] 92% * resource data, size=185964280
10:35:45 [9128] Commit failed: code=00000202, CANT_INSERT_ATTRS_TABLE, error: "Can't save uid=15384, error: NOT NULL constraint failed: attrs.data"
10:35:45 [9128] 92% Cannot commit transaction "writeNotes", error: CANT_INSERT_ATTRS_TABLE (Can't save uid=15384, error: NOT NULL constraint failed: attrs.data)
10:35:50 [8792] 92% Submitting a batch of 2 note calls, size=177 MB

Sometimes Evernote crashes and a fatal error appears,

I already tried to reinstall and with a previous version,

Could you please help me with this issue?

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