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Jotscript 2, IOS 10 & Penultimate = Broken


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Apart of the new roll out of IOS 10. I noticed there is lag and discrepancies with how the Jotscript interacts with Penultimate. At times its unusable. This is kind a big deal to me because I heavily rely and use Penultimate & Jotscript to get stuff done both at home and work/business. Any help would be good. 

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I have the same problem.  I contacted Adonit and they ran me through various troubleshooting steps before doing a warranty exchange, but they offered the Pixel as an upgrade since I have purchased many stylus' from them.  The only problem is that the Pixel is not supported in Penultimate.  I have requested support for the Pixel in the forums, as have others.

Having said all that, I would offer two solutions:

1) Use a different, preferred stylus and the zoom area for writing entry.  Adjust the zoomed writing entry area so that it is just one line and use a scroll speed that matches your writing cadence.  When you need to go to another line, simply use the Enter/Return icon.  This method allows you to use any stylus while resting your hand in the lower non-touch screen area.  It is not an exact replacement for the jot script with palm rejection, but a still a solution.  I have used this and it is usable.

2)  Use your favorite notebook/journal and favorite pen/pencil to take notes.  Scan them with Evernote.  They are still searchable and it is a reliable resource.  I personally like the Evernote Moleskine edition journals and just a simple roller ball pen.  The Evernote Moleskines have three months of Premium Evernote included and are made well.  This is an even further solution from using Penultimate with a stylus that has palm rejection, but it still is a solution.  They make the moleskines in multiple sizes, so I have a couple for various situations where handwritten note taking is needed.  I have used this in conjunction with Penultimate for handwritten notes and it will always be a part of my workflow.  Different strokes for different folks. (pardon the pun, but I couldn't resist)

3) Omnizen also posted success using the Pixel with GoodNotes.  I will probably end up trying that at some point too.

I hope this helps until Penultimate is developed with support for other stylus' with palm rejection.


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